About Us

Shopping Nanny helps you identify which specials are on sale at your favorite store(s), and most of those specials are available to anyone with a loyalty card for that store. Shopping Nanny will also help you identify specials at ALL the grocery stores you frequent and, depending on the store, may even alert you to unpublished in-store specials.

We have done extensive research into how we can help maximize the time savings our members can receive. We help our members get the same kind of savings that the "Coupon Experts" can get without having to spend all the time clipping coupons and searching through newspaper advertisements. All you have to do is choose one of the Nanny's shopping lists, make a few changes to customize it for yourself (or create your own list), and she will help you find all the deals and coupons that match. She even helps our members manage their shopping lists over time.

The best part is that our patent-pending solution will be improving even more in the future. Over the next few months, we will be adding more digital coupons, alerts to notify you when there are special deals on your favorite products, the ability to automatically add items from menus and recipes to your shopping list, and many more innovative ways to save you time and money. Shopping Nanny is so much more than just a guide to tell you where to clip a few coupons.