Friday, October 29, 2010

Spring Party Recipes & Ideas

Marinating Meat
1. Put marinade & meat in a zip lock bag (minimum 30 minutes or BEST if left over night).

Grilling Meat
1. You can either grill it whole
2. Or for large groups make kabobs

HINT- If you have cut small pieces of steak, and fear of burning too quickly or falling through the grates, place aluminum foil over your grill and then place your meat on top of it (you can also top with marinade to give it extra flavor).

State Fair Corn

1. Leave your corn in the husks and place directly on top shelf of grill.
2. Cooks in about 15 minutes.
3. Simply peel back the husks & enjoy.
4. Have butter, parsley, salt & pepper ready for your guests.

HINT-you can soak the whole corn with husks on, in water in the sink prior to grilling.  It helps keep the husks from getting too burnt and it helps steam the corn a little- just adding to the yummy goodness!

Fruit Dip

1. Take one container of your favorite yogurt (for example: Strawberry) place in a bowl.
2. Add 3 large scoops of Cool Whip & mix

VIOLA! so simple & yest so good.

Have your fruit already washed and cut up in a large bowl or separated according to fruit types for your guests to skewer & dip.  You can also make fruit kabobs as well, and add little angel food cake cubes.


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