Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who's Coming to Dinner?

I don't know about any of you but Thanksgiving dinner is the time I stress about most all year.  Why you ask? Oh! Let me tell you.  Relatives! It's all about the relatives coming to dinner.  Let me tell you about my experience last year.
It was all going super okay until my sister's 18-month-old daughter decided that she wanted to start throwing silverware, primarily spoons, across the dining table.  Seriously?
 Now she wasn’t aiming at anyone in particular, although I like to think she was aiming for my, “I’m right about everything,” uncle.  I might have pictured how that would’ve gone down in my head.  Then I might have laughed out loud from sheer enjoyment of seeing the stupefied look on my uncle’s face.
Then my grandfather decided that since the day was rapidly going downhill, why not discuss all his various physical ailments while everyone was eating? Wonderful idea grandpa!
He began with his high blood pressure, and then worked his way through uncontrollable bowel movements right down to the gout in his foot that has been bothering him for months.  Are you all starting to feel my pain?
Needless to say the whole dinner was a disaster and this year…well let’s just say I’m nothing short of terrified!  The invitations have been sent out and who will show up? No one can say.
I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this day for months.  I can’t be sure on who shows up but the meal will be to die for.
If the company isn’t perfect at least I know the food will be! 
Who’s coming to your dinner?
We will be gone for the holiday so we will see you all on Monday!
Or unless the company is unbearable (because we all know the food won’t be) then we will see you all sooner. 

Happy Thanksgiving!



Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love having family and loved ones close by. We have a big family on both sides and it's great to get everyone together, eat good food and have lots of fun together!

Shopping Nanny


Thanks for posting. That's wonderful! the holidays really are a great time of year to spend with your family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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