Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Very Simple Ways to Save Money & Our Environment

Get your family and community involved in a worthwhile cause. Get your children involved and teach them the importance of not being wasteful, while preserving our environment and saving money all at the same time.

1. Don’t Rinse – Skip rinsing your plates before putting them into the dishwasher. On average you will save 15 gallons of water per load, and as a wonderful bonus, you will save time.

2. Hang Outside to Dry – Get a cloths line or rack to dry your cloths. What better way to dry your clothes than with the free power of the sun.

3. Turn off computers at night - Don’t just put them to sleep. You will save an average of 4 cents a day which ads up to $14.60 a year.

4. Use Both Sides of Paper – If you have a printer with a double sided print option use it. You will save half of the amount of paper you would have normally used. Then when your done bring it to the recycle bin. You can also use messed up pages as scrap or note paper.

5. Don’t get bottled water - Instead of bottled water get a reusable container to carry water. Also you can get a filter to make your home tap taste more like bottled water. It is definitely more cost efficient. It costs more for companies to produce bottled water than to produce soda.

6. Turn the water off when you brush – Your parents have said this before, now I say it. You will save 4 gallons of water doing this alone.

7. Shorten your shower – Every minute you cut from your shower is roughly 5 gallons of water. The less time your shower takes, the lower your impact on the environment.

8. Don’t Pre-Heat the Oven – Unless needed, just turn the oven on after you put the dish in it. Also, to see if it’s finished just look through the glass instead of opening it.

9. Use Warm or Cold Setting on Washer – Instead of the hot cycle use the warm or cold setting.

10. Turn Down your Thermostat – Every degree lower in the winter or higher in the summer you put it is a 10% decrease on your energy bill.
Adapted from: Squidoo – A Green



Thanks for your tips! Saving time, money and the environment are passions of mine and I have recently begun a blog of my own on similar topics. I love the sharing of information on the web...I will be linking this post to my own post today which talks about green issues.


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