Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Want to Reduce Your Grocery Bill?

Use these 5 sensible tips and a lower grocery bill is guaranteed!

Ever notice that the more you shop, the more you may start to fall prey to marketing programs that ”help” you spend your hard earned money?  It happens to all of us.   We’ve tried to put together some ways to help you get more for your dollar at the grocery store and have some of that money left over to use somewhere else.
Here are 5 sensible tips from the Shopping Nanny to get you started on cutting that grocery bill.

Tip #1- Stop impulse buying

These are the items that usually soak up all the cash.  Grocery stores love it when you buy certain things that they need to get rid of quickly or make a lot of money for them.  Usually, these products are set up with a very attractive display right in a place where you can’t miss it.  A great way to avoid spending extra money is to make a rule that you never buy anything that is not on your list.  This is why Shopping Nanny has great tools that make it easy to create and save your shopping lists and helps you find the best deals for your lists. Your Shopping Nanny recommends that you ALWAYS make a list.

Tip #2-Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk can really save you a lot of money, especially if you have a freezer.  Buying large amounts when your favorite items are on sale almost always saves you money. This is even great for meat.  A Shopping Nanny secret is to buy 3-4 times as much meat as you normally do when you find a great sale price. Then when you get home, separate it into meal-sized portions and freeze it for later.  Not only will this save you lots of money, but it will also save you time in subsequent trips to the store.  Just make sure you don’t buy so much that it will go to waste before you can use it.

Tip #3- Cut down on the processed food

Did you know it costs food producers a lot of money to cook and prepare your food for you?  This means they have to charge you more for it.   Whenever possible, Shopping Nanny suggests that you buy food that hasn’t been cooked or processed for you.

Tip #4- Use coupons

Sure, it sounds obvious, but this can save you a considerable amount of money.  And now your Shopping Nanny has eliminated all of the hard work involved by finding most of your coupons for you.  This dramatically cuts down on the time you spend tracking them down and clipping them yourself. 

Tip #5-Pay attention to current sales

This is important! If something that your family normally enjoys is on sale, it’s probably a good idea to buy it. Even if you don’t plan on eating it immediately, you’ll find a way to work it into your menu. . This is why the patent-pending Shopping Nanny solution shows you what’s on sale for your shopping list as well as the coupons.

Follow these easy steps and your grocery bill will certainly drop.  Wouldn’t you like to spend more of your time and hard earned cash on something fun?

Happy Savings!


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